Mayan Holocaust 2012 Tool Kit!

The CDP Daily Report…


For a recent photo of me… please see No. 9.


 My Mayan Holocaust 2012 tool kit (work in progress):

1 – My “WTF” pix, inconspicuously posted

2 – My leftover Tamale corn husk

3 – My beef stick – no expiration date

4 – My company picnic toothpick

5 – My “Quick Map” to offfice locations: left, 35 paces to break room; right, 35 paces to bathroom

6 – My Deviled Ham Spread wrapper

7 – Shameless self promotion of my book “Tear in Time“. Please buy it for 99 cents.

8 – My deformed coffee filter

9 – Me


This ends my report.


2 Responses

  1. Terrific–glad to see you’re so well prepared–esp #7. Best in coming apocalypse. PP

  2. Good one, Chris! I must have rocks for brains this AM cuz I can’t think of even one funny addtion..haha. This strikes huge chord w me, as I am submitting a fiction: Here’s Hoping Mayans are Right–here, there and yes, there too. 🙂

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