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Christopher David Petersen (1963 – 20??). Born and raised in Connecticut. As a child, I was always daring and reckless. Never one to let common sense stand in the way of a great adventure, my bold feats of stupidity were legendary… Huckleberry Finn would have been proud.

“Surprisingly”, that same spirit carried over into adulthood, as I sought out entertainment that included: scuba diving; ski Mountaineering; mountain biking; Rock, Ice and Mountain climbing; flying planes; golf, motorcycles, the stock market and of course, experimentation with various alcoholic refreshments.

Later in life, writing became an extension of my deep desire to experience “new and exciting worlds”. I have written several books, but none have been published through any formal channels… I’ve heard the process is long, painful and laborious, the thought of which sickens me. My foray into e-publishing came after a friend suggested my works could fetch dollars instead of dust inside my sock drawer… a righteous observation. My recent publications are the result of this advice.

An Engineer by trade and Writer by passion, I have worked all over the U.S. and usually write in my spare time… that is when I’m not enjoying a bottle of Scotch and a quality cigar. I am a naturally long-winded individual, so writing is what happens when I can’t get anyone to listen to me anymore…

I love all kinds of genres but gravitate more towards suspense. There is nothing like the build up to a great climax… What a rush!

With my new discovery in self-publishing, I have become focused and more determined to produce far greater works. Further adventure/suspense novels are soon to be released.


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  1. Congrats on spending your life chasing your drreams! We all should, because once we die we can’t.

  2. I’m a first time visitor to your web site, which I like & quite agree with Eileen.

    This is not a dress rehearsal, it’s the real thing. You only get one chance at life so make sure you get it right first time as there won’t be another! Follow your dreams, Chris. Whether it’s to climb a mountain, jump out of a plane or write loads of really good books. (though Im not too sure about the ski mountaineering – sounds like a lethal combination to me.

    I loved ‘Tear in Time’ & am shortly going to start ‘What in Hell is up with Heaven’

    Get the creative juices flowing & publish more of your work, I’ll be looking out for it.

    • Hi Maggie,
      I’m so happy you enjoyed Tear in Time. I was thinking about you – the mystery is over : )
      Thanks for the well wishes too.

      BTW – just a warning… “What in Hell…” isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s content can offend if you are highly religious. If you can get past the off-color humor, I’ve been told it’s quite funny and entertaining – Enjoy : )

  3. Chris, no worries on that score, I am not even faintly religious. I’ve emailed you & am leaving a review on Amazon fo you.

  4. Self-publishing is simple and straight forward. Go on and be the best!

  5. I was reading about A Tear in Time and I’ve written a Civil War Conspiracy Novel titled THE LINCOLN LETTER. I was wondering if you’d like to trade links? Thanks for considering it.

  6. Hi Chris,

    I’m impressed by all the things you’ve done. I mostly do them in imagination, which is the fun of books. Good luck with self-publishing, and thanks for the retweets.



  7. Hi Chris, Wodke Hawkinson has recommended you to become a tribemate in my Writers and Writing Tribe on Triberr. It’s a cross genre eclectic mix of mostly writers and a few bloggers. If this interests you please let me know and I will send you an invite. We currently have 19 active and friendly members with a potential reach of approx 38K.

  8. Chris

    Appreciate your adventurous lifestyle and your headlong approach to writing & publishing your stories. I have a very active 90-year-old friend. When I told her, “You’re always going somewhere. I can’t keep up with you.” Her reply was, “I hate to sit still. Someone might throw dirt on me!” And she’s right. You gotta keep moving.
    Thanks for being a twitter pal. I’ll be following you.
    Rae Ellen Lee

  9. So glad your books are not just wasting away in your sock drawer! 😉 I don’t think I could have ever had the chance to read them there ROFL!

    As noted at my blog, I have just finished Hidden Courage and will be working on Tomb of Atlantis soon.

    Thanks again Chris!

  10. Just wondering…are you the Chris Peterson that had Donna Berliner for some lit classes at UTD a few years ago? Twitter suggested I knew you and the name clicked with me, but I was iffy on the picture.

    • Hi Jane, that must have been another Chris Petersen – lol, although I DID take one class a couple years ago here in Katy, TX at the local community college on how to get published (quite possibly THE worst class I’ve ever taken).

      Saw your blog. That Norwegian cruise sounds like fun. Enjoy!!!

      • Well, I imagine there are more than a few Chris Peterson’s in the world. Good luck with your e-pubs. I’m almost through with the second draft of my first manuscript, but I’m going to try the traditional agent route first. I sent it out to some agents a while back and the re-write is based on the feedback I got. Maybe this time I’ll hook an agent.

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