Mommy’s shiny flask

 The following Flash Fiction story was written as a gag for a website I found on Kindle Boards forum. I was required to pick one photo from a series of six and write a short story about it. The picture below is the photo I selected for my “work of art”. The story is a bit strange. After reading through all the entries from the other writers, I had the sense that everyone was taking the “assignment” far too seriously. The whole affair felt “stuffy”… too proper for my liking, so I decided to move away from reserved and conservative writing and create a masterpiece of rubbish. There was no rhyme or reason to what I wrote. I simply typed as I let my mind wander down bizarre tangents. This is what happens when you let the lunatic out of the cage…

Mommy’s shiny flask

“Yeah, that’s me. I’m six years old… What? I didn’t tell you this story. Well… pull up a stool and have a listen to this…”

“Mommy and I were on our way home from church bingo. Mommy had been sipping juice all night from a shiny flask she always kept hidden in her purse. She must have been REAL thirsty that night ‘cuz she drank nearly the whole thing.”

“Father Murphy offered to drive us home, but mommy was in such a good mood, she insisted she would drive herself. And that’s when I learned mommy was such a good dancer ‘cuz she danced all the way to the car.”

“I don’t think father Murphy liked mommy’s dancing ‘cuz he was shaking his head. Mommy smiled at him and drove off as she made a brand new driveway thru the front yard. Mommy’s so clever.”

“The photo? I’m getting to that… be patient, silly…  So, mommy was driving through town and saw the store that sells all that juice… you know, the kind in her shiny flask. She tried to slow down by pressing her foot on the brake, only it wasn’t a brake she was pressing. Mommy accidentally pressed the wrong pedal and we speeded across the street like lightening, over a gigantic curb and through a small parking lot.”

“Mommy was such a good driver ‘cuz she was turning that steering wheel like she was spinning the wheel on a great ship. And boy could she work those pedals ‘cuz every time I looked down, both her feet were pressing the great big pedal on the right, making us go even faster.”

“But then, the store window just leaped in front of us, only it wasn’t the juice store. No-sir-ee. Mommy picked the store next to the juice store to park, but she didn’t park in the parking lot either. Mommy parked in the showroom of the Chrysler store. She just crashed right through that big ole window and stopped in front of a salesman’s desk.”

“Mommy was so funny… do you know what she said to the salesmen? She said, ‘how much for a trade in?’

“After that, all the men came over to talk to mommy about her trade in… you know, the salesmen, the police, the newspaper men (he took the photo), even the juice store owner wanted to help. Poor mommy. She had so much help, she was getting confused and angry.”

“I don’t think mommy ever did get her juice.”

(If you missed the explanation above, here it is again: This story was part of a flash fiction posting on Kindle Boards. The idea was to pick a photo and write a short story about it. I hope you like it)


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  1. This was a hoot. Thanks for sharing such a clever story.

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