Curse of Atlantis

Curse of Atlantis

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Atlantis Series:

There are 3 books in the Atlantis series: Hidden Courage, Tomb of Atlantis and Curse of Atlantis. Please see recommended order of reading below.

Hidden Courage: is the prequel in the Atlantis series (not essential)
Tomb of Atlantis: is book 2
Curse of Atlantis: is book 3 (sequel)

Curse of Atlantis:
In Tomb of Atlantis, Jack Roberts, an adventurer, discovered an artifact that may have belonged to a pyramid contained within the lost city of Atlantis. In Curse of Atlantis, the search for the pyramids continues. Jack and his archaeologist friends, Serena and Javier Arista, plan to take the artifact to Greece in order to find its connection to the lost pyramids of Atlantis. However, prior to leaving on the trip, Serena and the artifact are taken hostage by unscrupulous thieves who only want the riches contained within the pyramids. For Jack and Javier, it is a race against time to discover where the pyramid is, that contains the key to the lost civilization in order to save Serena and the ancient secrets of Atlantis.

(79,000 words)
Sample Chapter

Chapter 1:

Atlantis: 5000 B.C.

King Orion sat under the shade of his exquisitely carved marble rotunda and slowly sipped his Egyptian wine. Seated high above the lavishly built city, he gazed out over his kingdom and surveyed the activities from one neighborhood to the next.

Shielding his hand from the mid-day sun, he looked down into the valley several hundred yards below. Lining the main thoroughfare, he watched the activities of the busy street vendors engaged in the affairs of commerce.

Rows of kiosks lined the busy street selling dried meats, fruits, vegetables, and wines. King Orion smiled as he watched wealthy business men wander purposefully through the city, their fashionably made togas draped from their shoulders and flowing behind them as they walked.

“A proud day for Atlantis,” King Orion boasted.

“Yes, my King,” Oupis replied obediently as she poured more wine into his waiting cup.

Young, slender and shapely, Kind Orion eyed her with desire. He reached for her as he held his cup at the ready. Oupis instinctively recoiled, spilling wine down the front of his white toga.

“You fool!” he erupted, throwing his cup while coming to his feet.

“I’m sorry, my King,” Oupis responded, bowing her head in fear.

With a quick lunge, he landed a crushing blow to her temple, sending her tumbling backward over a footrest. Wiping the front of his toga in disgust, he started toward her once more.

“My King, the last of the preparations have been completed. The chamber awaits your review,” Keidis said, as he entered the room.

Startled by the sudden appearance of his construction officer, King Orion broke off his attack and addressed him.

“Splendid. That is the news I’ve been waiting for. Is everything prepared?” King Orion asked in a villainous tone.

“As you requested,” Keidis responded.

“Assemble the guards. We’ll waste no further time,” the King ordered.

~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~

Riding along in his chariot, King Orion looked far ahead at the mountain of stone so precisely carved. Larger and more opulent than anything ever built, the pyramid was a grand monument forever celebrating the glory and greatness of the founder of Atlantis.

“My father’s dream is realized. This is truly a remarkable day,” King Orion said as he clung to a handle within the slow moving chariot.

“Yes, my King,” Keidis replied, placating the unstable depot.

“After all these years, my father will finally rest soundly,” King Orion said.

“Yes, my King. When will we move him from the palace,” Keidis asked as he handled the reins to the chariot.

“Concurrent with my inspection, Keidis. I have instructed the guards to bring him now. They trail behind us with his sarcophagus. When we are done, we’ll lay his body to rest and seal the chamber,” King Orion said, now growing visibly excited.

Keidis looked behind them. From his vantage point, the legion of men stretched far beyond his sight and the fabled sarcophagus was nowhere to be seen. Turning back ahead, he watched as the opening to the chamber grew larger by the minute.

“I see the guards standing at the ready, my king,” Keidis said, pointing to the chamber’s opening.

“Mmm yes, I see them too. Do they know?” King Orion asked.

“No, my King,” Keidis replied simply, hoping to avoid the painful topic.

“Splendid. I will relish their surprise,” he said, sardonically.

As the long procession of men and chariots made their way to the front of the great pyramid, the four guards at the entrance stood statuesque in their duty. With spears at their sides, and shields at the ready, their menacing presence quickly dispelled any plans to those who entertained the thought of looting.

Staring straight ahead, Eteocles used his peripheral vision to scan the lead chariot.

“Rhesus, do you see who leads the column of men,” Eteocles asked in a hushed tone.

“I see him,” Rhesus replied, containing his excitement.

“Maybe King Orion comes to advance us for exemplary service. After all, this is the most important duty in his kingdom,” Eteocles said.

“Advancement would be highly desirable,” Rhesus concurred. “I’m sure we’ll be rewarded handsomely.”

As the lead chariot slowed to a stop, Kind Orion stepped out and stretched his limbs. Looking over to Keidis, he said, “Bring me the crystal key. It is time.”

“Yes, my King,” Keidis replied obediently.

King Orion stood for a moment and watched the column of men assemble in front of the pyramid. Far off in the distance, he could see the cart that carried the sarcophagus. With a satisfying smile, he turned his attention to the men standing guard at the entrance. He examined their perfect posture and presence, and walked toward them. Stopping to their front, he pretended to be studying their appearance. The men stiffened a bit and waited for their king to pass his judgment.

“Exemplary. I am very impressed. You four are very imposing,” King Orion said, then added, “Keidis has done well in selecting you.”

“Yes, my king,” each man said in succession.

“Keidis, we must talk about advancement for these four men,” King Orion called out to Keidis as he approached.

Eyeing the four guards with dread, Keidis replied was simple: “Yes, my king.”

Turning his attention back to the guards, King Orion continued: “Men, I have another assignment for you inside the chamber. Please follow me.”

Excitedly, each man turned and followed King Orion down a dimly lit corridor. Walking behind the five, Keidis carried the crystal globe that could spell the difference between life and death for the four guards.

As they made their way deeper into the pyramid, the men glanced at the delicate inscriptions that lined the perfectly tooled walls. Excited by the moment, the young guards ignored their meaning and focused on their duty. Following behind, Keidis nervously held his eyes to the front and tried to forget the evil messages that cursed all who entered.

Up ahead, the corridor began to brighten. Moments later, they all stepped into an expansive chamber. Pentagonal in shape, it measured thirty feet across at its furthest points. On one side of the torch-lit room, an altar stood just in front of a wall and measured five feet long by three feet wide and four feet high. At its center, a round column extended up from the top by a foot. The round column measured a foot in diameter and had a concave top that acted as a bowl of sorts. On each side, a small bowl-shaped depression was carved and held special oils that were set afire, illuminating the altar top.

On the opposite side of the room, an enormous door remained closed. Measuring ten feet across and ten feet high, it was an imposing sight. Heavily engraved, hieroglyphics were carved deep into the front surface. Turning to his guards, King Orion spoke.

“Men, this will be your next assignment. Take pride that you will be guarding the great King of Atlantis. Beyond that door will lay his body. This assignment will carry the greatest honor and your families will be held in the highest esteem forever more,” King Orion announced, trying to sound believable.

Keidis watched as the four men beamed with pride while they took in their king’s propaganda. He looked down and stared into the heavy bag he clutched in his hands. The magnificent crystal globe that once dazzled him with its beauty, now represented death and sadness, and sickened him to look at. He closed the bag and forced his mind to think of far off pleasant thoughts that soothed his aching soul. Hearing his name, he turned his attention back to his king.

“In his grasps, Keidis holds the great crystal key. Few men have laid their eyes upon it. You four will be the first beyond its creators. This is truly a proud moment for you,’ the King continued. “Keidis, bring me the crystal key,” he said to his faithful, yet disgusted servant.

Keidis slowly walked beyond the four guards and opened the bag for King Orion. Reaching in, the king carefully pulled it from its depths and held it out for all to see. The men stared in awe at the site of the crystal globe. Nearly twelve inches in diameter, it was delicately carved and displayed the lands of their surrounding continent. Light inscriptions adorned its surface, and its core, was a golden pyramid with a golden eye suspended just above.

“This is the key to your destiny. Gaze upon its beauty. Have you not seen anything so magnificent in your life?” the king asked, rhetorically.

With his eyes still on his men, he walked passed them to the altar. Holding the crystal out for all to see, he carefully placed it onto the convex surface of the column that rose out of the altar’s center. Instantly, the heavy weight of the crystal globe caused the column to sink. Moments later, its descent stabilized and the crystal found the pre-established height that engaged the lock to the heavily inscribed door.

Barely detectable at first, the four men heard the soft sounds of sand passing through recesses deep within the walls of the chamber. As the sounds grew louder and more distinct, they heard the grinding of rock surfaces slide across other rock surfaces behind the heavy door.

Slowly, the great door began to move and they watched in awe as it slid across the entrance. As the new chamber began to be revealed, the four guards scanned the interior of the dimly lit room, captivated by the mystery of the unknown.

As the door disappeared behind the wall, all sounds ceased. King Orion smiled a great smile and stepped forward to the entrance of the new chamber.

“Men, if you will notice, there is another doorway at the back of the room. Step forward and proceed through it to the King’s chamber,” King Orion said, now motioning with his hands.

The four men eagerly hurried into the chamber. Nervous excitement turned to subtle alarm as they scanned the inscriptions on the walls. The deadly meaning behind the curses now began to fester in their subconscious. As they turned from wall to wall, they eyed each other with apprehension. Once again, the four heard the sound of the sands. Turning to King Orion, they wondered quietly about his position outside the chamber.

Slowly, steadily, fear began to penetrate their thoughts. Staring through the doorway into the far chamber, they suddenly realized they were conspicuously alone. As the sounds of the sand quickly grew louder, beads of nervous sweat formed on their brow. Their eyes shifted from one to the other in search of answers, hoping for reassuring stares… there were none to be found.

Fear raged within them. They felt paralyzed to take action. If they challenged their great king, they would surely suffer for their insolence. If they ignored their intuition, they felt sure their lives were in jeopardy.

The men’s hands wept with sweat and their stomachs churned as they began to think about the possibility of their mortality. As the rushing sound of sand grew to a deafening climax, they heard their king’s voice call from behind.

“Hereafter awaits!” King Orion shouted loudly.

The four men spun on their heels and stared into the eyes of evil. King Orion gazed back at them and a great sadistic smile spread across his face. He watched worry and fear invade the four men’s helpless eyes as they frantically searched for a way to save themselves.

The sands stopped and grinding sounds of rock on rock took its place, sending vibrations throughout the chamber. Instantly, the room began to shake and the floor rocked slightly causing the four men to lose their balance and fall. They now waited in horror for the next signs of their impending deaths.

Looking up, exuberance and excitement gleamed from the eyes of their king. He was enjoying every moment of the morbid sight.

Suddenly, the ceiling began to drop. Looking up, the four men screamed for their lives as the massive wall of rock hurled down upon them. In a moment of desperation, one tried to crawl to safety, but it was of no use. The ceiling quickly descended and struck them where they had fallen. As the force impacted their bodies, the sheer weight of the massive stone crushed their bones and flesh into a thin layer that spread across the chambers floor. For a moment, there was only piecing silence.

What seemed like minutes, in reality was mere seconds. As sudden as the deadly spectacle has started, it was over. King Orion stepped back from the entrance and surveyed the results. The ceiling now lay as one large tile across the floor and the far doorway to the next chamber was now blocked be another door.

“Impressive… good work Keidis,” he said boldly, still staring at the carnage that lay in front of him. Turning back to Keidis, he continued, “Now, reset the chamber.”

“Yes, my king,” Keidis replied in saddened tone.

Keidis walked to the altar and lifted the crystal globe from the table. Instantly, the round column began to rise. In seconds, it stabilized at its original height and the sound of flowing sands and grinding stone roared through the chamber.

King Orion watched in curiosity as the heavy stone ceiling began to rise. As it moved through his eye level, he gazed upon the remains spread across the floor that were once four human beings. Nodding in satisfaction, he turned to Keidis.

“Did you see the fear on the faces of those men?” he asked with callous detachment.

As the large door began to slide across the doorway, Keidis swallowed hard as he struggled to hold back his emotions. Unable to look his king in the eyes, he stared at the floor and replied simply, “I did, my king.”

“Those faces of fear will be the same for anyone who dares to rob the king’s tomb,” he said proudly. He paused a moment, then continued: “Let it be forever known, these words, these inscriptions, are not idle phrases uttered by common scribes. They are the curses of a great king that carry the promise of death. Pay heed to their message.”

“Yes, my king,” Keidis replied once more, unable and unwilling to say much else to someone so repugnant.

~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~

As the two exited the pyramid, King Orion breathed in a great satisfying breath of air. He looked down upon the valley that was his city, the city of Atlantis. He surveyed his kingdom and felt energized by its greatness and beauty.

Turning to Keidis he said, “My Empire is great, greater than the mighty Zeus. I will expand it and reign as king of the world… and all will know me as god.”

“Long live King Orion,” Keidis replied in obligatory tone.


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